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Sherryl & Richard – Hintlesham Golf Glub

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 1

The brides accessories for the day. I grabbed these first as I knew they were going on shortly after I arrived.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 2

Sherryl and Richard got married at Hintlesham Golf Club. I’d shot at Hintlesham Hall before, but not the Golf club which was accessed at the same entrance, so I was curious to see how they did. The morning prep was fun, with the bridesmaids working on each others make up and hair whilst Sherryl and her mum enjoyed the benefits of the hired professionals.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 3

Mum enjoyed the treatments every little bit as much.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 5

As always with the morning prep, before you know it, it’s time to get the dress on.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 6

Sherryl particularly wanted this shot as it mirrors many shots she has before going out to proms and the like.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 7

We did a little dance to get Sherryl outside (and then into the conservatory) without her father seeing so he could be surprised.  It was worth the effort.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 4

And then it was time to set off to find Richard, who was waiting for us at Hintlesham.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 8

We did unfortunately get rained on, but the driver was very kind and prepared for every eventuality (hence the brolly). If you want to check out BKP Limosines, click here.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 9

One last set of photographs before I dive in to see Richard, in the Foyer of Hintlesham Gold Club. No one got too wet at this point, but the heavens opened and I knew group shots were going to be interesting.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 10

Richard and his Best man making last minute checks.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 11

Richard waited until Sherryl was almost alongside to turn and look.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 12

The ceremony was short, but there was plenty for cheeky glances at friends and loved ones. Plus of course between the bride and groom.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 13

Readings were given, in this case by one of the bridesmaids.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 14

Without moving too much I was able to change views to allow this cheeky over the shoulder shot.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 15

Rings were exchanged, and the ceremony sealed with a “just right” kiss.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 16

The traditional signing of the register.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 17

The reception was Super Mario themed.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 18

Hey kids… BRIDE ATTACK!!! RAH!!!

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 19

Indoor group shots presented challenges in composition, but there was scope for a little fun.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 20

Speeches. First up, the father of the bride.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 21

Next, of course, was the groom.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 22

Finally, the best man, who had the lads in stitches.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 23

Apparently, Richard has an obsession with Ketchup on his food, so he was presented with a bottle by the host.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 24

Overcast skies give a dull sky, but lovely light, so it was hard to not take a great shot out there.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 25

We popped under cover and I mixed some off camera flash with the natural light, to great effect.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 26

The cake cut.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 27

Don’t ask how I got outside so quickly!

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 28

The guestbook on this occasion was a table cloth. I’ve seen signed frames, motorcycle helmets and all sorts, but this was my first table cloth.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 29

First Dance.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 30

I think Sherryl is critiquing the lads dance style.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 31

Three generations dancing together.

Sherryl and Richard - Hintlesham Golf Club 32

And it ended with cake.


Sarah & Stephen – Wherstead Park

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 10

Sarah and Stephen got married at Wherstead Park on a lovely long summers day.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 1

They got married at the top of the stairs, surrounded on all sides by family and friends.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 4

Our lovely bride’s preparation was relaxed.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 5

Pro tip – NEVER hang a heavy wedding dress (or anything) on a chandelier. In this case, my assistant was stood behind the dress holding it’s weight, so we had the appearance of hanging it up without actually doing so. I had to find ways to use this wonderful round table!

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 3

I opted to document the rings simply, with elements of the venue as backdrops.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 6

The flowers.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 7

I spotted this little event occurring and nudged my assistant, Sophie, to take the shot.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 8

The final moments of preparation, lacing the back of the dress up nice and tight.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 9

Some quiet moments in thought as we waited for the time to come and the venue staff to collect the bride.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 24

Sarah’s father uses a cane, so the stairs would present a challenge. This was remedied by a hand over at the bottom of the stairs to her son to bring them the rest of the way to Stephen.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 26

Lovely! 🙂

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 11

We had happy tears during this ceremony.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 12

The traditional exchange of rings.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 13

I love this sequence.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 14

With guests lines up on the balconies above, we were able to get a great confetti storm descending down onto them.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 2

The reception area at Wherstead Park is interesting as I have to assume that it’s the courtyard between 4 buildings which has since been covered over and patio’d. It’s really bright and relaxing, with a few tree’s growing in there.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 15

The big entrance as husband and wife.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 16


Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 17

Cake cut.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 18

First Dance.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 20

Some relaxing together shots in one of the massive side rooms of Wherstead Park.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 21

Back up to that round table. I loved it and Sarah and Stephen were more than happy to indulge me by scrambling over and under the table to get into the middle.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 22

Two lovely evening images to finish the day off with.

Sarah and Stephen - Wherstead Park 23

Cat and Andy – Offley Place

Cat and Andy 1

I’ve been lucky enough to know Cat for several years and when I met Andy I knew they were great together. This wedding took place at Offley Place, Luton. As you can see in the image above, Cat is a very organised woman.

Cat and Andy 2

CD loves AD

Cat and Andy 3

Morning Prep.

Cat and Andy 4

Mum and Maid of Honour helping Cat into the dress.

Cat and Andy 5

Cat helping her father with the final touches to his suit.

Cat and Andy 6

Emotions ran high. Tears of Joy and then…

Cat and Andy 10 Cat and Andy 9

… Laughter! They were the same all day, great fun to be with.

Cat and Andy 12

Husband and Wife.

Cat and Andy 15

Everyone who came to the ceremony.

Cat and Andy 14

Cheeky father of the bride.

Cat and Andy 13

Laughter really could be called the theme of the day.

Cat and Andy 17

The atrium in Offley Place is a stunning setting and just gives great light all day.

Cat and Andy 16

Cat and Andy both work as engineers for an air travel company. There were a few clues on the cake.

Cat and Andy 18

A quiet moment in one of the side rooms at Offley Place.

Cat and Andy 21

The groom’s father and best man.

Cat and Andy 19

The father of the bride giving his speech.

Cat and Andy 20


Cat and Andy 22

Cat and Andy 24 Cat and Andy 23

And the rest of the night, well that was just a great party!

Cat and Andy 25

Stacey and Paul – Alpheton Hall Barns

Stacey and Paul 1

Stacey and Paul got married at Alpheton Hall Barn, a venue I love, so I was really looking forward to this one.

Stacey and Paul 2

The beloved family cat was guarding those shoes very carefully.

Stacey and Paul 3

Purple was very much the colour of this wedding, wait till you see how the main barn was cloaked in colour!

Stacey and Paul 4

The beautiful bride was escorted down to her dashing RAF husband.

Stacey and Paul 5

And in no time at all they were married.

Stacey and Paul 6

Signing the register was, of course, a simple affair. Not everyone knows, but you are not allowed to take photographs of the real register, so usually you either get given a dummy book, or they turn to the next page which is blank. Data protection!

Stacey and Paul 7

Stacey beamed throughout the day and you can see here how happy she is.

Stacey and Paul 8

Stacey arrived, in the rain, in this wonderful car hired from Aye Deneaux. We had to take a few moments to enjoy some shots with the couple and the car.

Stacey and Paul 9

Shot through a small hole in a hedge to frame the foreground, with out lovely couple outside the church that shares the grounds with Alpheton Hall Barn.

Stacey and Paul 10

I’ve said it many times, but if I see long (dryish) grass, I’m probably going to ask you to take a quick walk in it, or at least pose. 😉

Stacey and Paul 11

Are you seeing the purple theme yet?

Stacey and Paul 12

Paul was a great laugh, as were the happy couples guests.

Stacey and Paul 13

I think the best man got the worst of the speeches on this occasion. Lots of laughter, lots of fun.

Stacey and Paul 16

I think it’s fair to say, she was just warning him that now they are married, he’d better do as she says.

Stacey and Paul 14

And if  proof was still needed that purple was the colour of the day, here it is!

Stacey and Paul 15

Holly & John-Paul – Easton Grange

Holly and JP 1

Holly and JP 2

Lets start this post by saying that emotions ran high in this wedding. Tears (good ones) and laughter a-plenty. From the get go I was faced with a beautiful bride, with a stunning dress, killer (signed!) shoes and a Father-of-the-Bride who was larger than life.

Holly and JP 3

John-Paul waited patiently and when the moment came for him to turn around his face lit up. Who can blame him?

Holly and JP 4

Holly had to fight back the tears of joy as they spoke their vows to each other.

Holly and JP 5

Such a stunning couple. I love the way he held her hand here.

Holly and JP 6

And then they were husband and wife!

Holly and JP 7

They left to heavy applause.

Holly and JP 8

Everyone who was at the ceremony is in this shot.

Holly and JP 9

While this is just the friends. I asked those who have had one drink too many with the B&G to raise their hands…

Holly and JP 10

The boys. The girls. The boys and girls.

Holly and JP 11

Plenty of admiration for the ring.

Holly and JP 12

To break from the crowds and give the B&G a few minutes to regroup their thoughts, we went for a quick stroll before the wedding breakfast.

Holly and JP 13

I asked them to take a moment, look at each other and share a kiss.

Holly and JP 14

Such joy!

Holly and JP 15

A standing ovation as the happy couple entered. On the right is the father of the bride. I think this man holds a record, his speech lasted 90 minutes!  The sun set on us while we sat there and the first dance ended up about an hour later than planned. Not to worry though, I always stay until the first dance is done, regardless of unexpected delays.

Holly and JP 16

A beautiful moment together under the setting sun.

Holly and JP 17

Our bride was keen to get going with the dancing. We were in for a treat with a live rock band. I didn’t really want to leave that evening; I love a bit of live music and the band were great.

Holly and JP 18

Almost time for the first dance, just one last formality – the cake cutting.

Holly and JP 19

The first dance. A few moves thrown in. Classy, elegant and fun to the end.

Holly and JP 20

Air guitar! x

Paige & Andrew – St Mary’s Church, Combs

Paige and Andrew 1

Andrew and Paige got married at St Mary’s Church in Combs. It was a beautiful day with no rain in the sky. There were cute kids running around, and the Bride and Groom looking fantastic.

Paige and Andrew 12

Paige waiting to enter the church.

Paige and Andrew 13

Paige’s father is an amazing character, very charismatic and so proud to be giving away his daughter to Andrew.

Paige and Andrew 15

The way Paige and Andrew constantly glanced at each other just showed how much they love one another.

Paige and Andrew 14

The first kiss!

Paige and Andrew 16

Andrew’s face just beamed with pride as he walked out hand in hand with Paige.

Paige and Andrew 2

We spent a few minutes shooting some lovely images in a nearby cornfield.

Paige and Andrew 4

I rarely ask couples to look directly into the camera when posing. That’s not what it’s all about, it’s about capturing the connection between the couple.

Paige and Andrew 3

I rarely share group shots, but this lot were so full of character.

Paige and Andrew 5

Some couples want funny shots. Some want serious. I like to mix the two for couples who ask for it.

Paige and Andrew 6

Although jumping in the brides dress wasn’t practical.

Paige and Andrew 7

After the group shots I like to steal the couple away for a few together shots.

Paige and Andrew 8

It was a shared love of sciences that brought these two together, so it’s no surprise that a quirky library would appeal to them.

Paige and Andrew 9

Plenty to look at here. The speeches were fun. The bride’s best friend also wanted to say a few words about how much she loved the couple.

Paige and Andrew 10

Cake cut!

Paige and Andrew 11

First dance, before everyone returned outside to enjoy the late summer sun and to taste the ales on offer. Thanks for a fun day guys!

Kayleigh & David – Sotterley / Southwold

Kayleigh and David 1

Kayleigh and David’s wedding was held at St. Margaret’s Church, Sotterley. It features one of the longest aisles I’ve had the pleasure of shooting in, and I was asked to shoot from the rear of the church. This was definitely a time to pull out the long lens (70-200mm f2.8L mk2) and add a 1.4 extender.

Kayleigh and David 2

This lovely hug was caught just before we entered the reception room at The Swan, Southwold.

Kayleigh and David 3

Speeches came from both the Groom, the bestman (their son) and as a surprise Kayleigh also took the opportunity to speak of her pride and love. A few football references might just have been thrown in for good measure as half the guests had met through a mutual love of football with the bride and groom. 🙂

Kayleigh and David 4

No wedding in Southwold would be complete without a little stroll on the beach, despite the chilly North Sea.

Kayleigh and David 5

The reception was a riot and different than the norm – a Cèilidh (pronounced something along the lines of Caley), which was like a barn dance with dance moves described and then copied. Great fun, very energetic. Everyone got up and got involved with the dancing and it was a blast.

Amy and Rik – Stoke by Nayland

Amy and Rik 1

Amy and Rick got married at Stoke by Nayland hotel, and since both got ready there (different rooms of course), I was able to shoot some groom prep shots as well as spend time with the bride as she got ready.

Amy and Rik 2

Amy was attended to by her younger sister and her mum, plus the aid of make up and hair stylists.

Amy and Rik 3

So many loops and curls!

Amy and Rik 4

Having access to the rings in the early in the day was nice.

Amy and Rik 5

The lads!

Amy and Rik 6

The ladies!

Amy and Rik 7

Amy’s dad, a born comedian I assure you. 🙂

Amy and Rik 8


Amy and Rik 9

Amy’s dad with Amy and the B&G’s son. I gave Amy and Rik so many shots of this cheeky chap. The son, not the dad!

Amy and Rik 10

Waiting nervously.

Amy and Rik 11

They were so relieved to finally be able to see each other.

Amy and Rik 12

The ceremony flew by, but was really sweet, and their little one added some comedy into it as he ran off and got tangled in the blinds!

Amy and Rik 13


Amy and Rik 14

Not every couple beams so loving at each other, but I’ve been blessed with the majority of my couples being that into each other.

Amy and Rik 15

I wouldn’t normally include a half table image from the signing stage of the day, but the middle shot here is a crop to show Amy and her Dad because the bond between the two of them just stood out beautifully in that image. The left image is the witnesses (both the nans) and on the right is the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Amy and Rik 16

We took a buggy ride over to the lake at Stoke by Nayland. Amy had recently discovered she was pregnant and I wanted to capture that in an image to go into her album. This hand shot fit the bill perfectly as it centers over her tummy.

Amy and Rik 17

Cute couple.

Amy and Rik 18

Taking a little stroll together as husband and wife.

Amy and Rik 19

I caught Rik helping Amy with her shoe, so I called out to pose with the shoe showing, Amy threw in a little ham acting and this fun shot was produced. 🙂

Amy and Rik 21

Details can make a wedding and this couples Butterfly motif flowed throughout the room.

Amy and Rik 20

Cake cut! Note the little boy sitting on the cake. 🙂

Amy and Rik 22

The last shot of the collection above is one of my favourites. I love the way couples can express their feelings in the way they hold hands.

Amy and Rik 23

First dance and Amy’s sister joined them afterwards for a cuddle. She had very bravely sung for the couple.

Amy and Rik 24