Stacey and Paul – Alpheton Hall Barns

Stacey and Paul 1

Stacey and Paul got married at Alpheton Hall Barn, a venue I love, so I was really looking forward to this one.

Stacey and Paul 2

The beloved family cat was guarding those shoes very carefully.

Stacey and Paul 3

Purple was very much the colour of this wedding, wait till you see how the main barn was cloaked in colour!

Stacey and Paul 4

The beautiful bride was escorted down to her dashing RAF husband.

Stacey and Paul 5

And in no time at all they were married.

Stacey and Paul 6

Signing the register was, of course, a simple affair. Not everyone knows, but you are not allowed to take photographs of the real register, so usually you either get given a dummy book, or they turn to the next page which is blank. Data protection!

Stacey and Paul 7

Stacey beamed throughout the day and you can see here how happy she is.

Stacey and Paul 8

Stacey arrived, in the rain, in this wonderful car hired from Aye Deneaux. We had to take a few moments to enjoy some shots with the couple and the car.

Stacey and Paul 9

Shot through a small hole in a hedge to frame the foreground, with out lovely couple outside the church that shares the grounds with Alpheton Hall Barn.

Stacey and Paul 10

I’ve said it many times, but if I see long (dryish) grass, I’m probably going to ask you to take a quick walk in it, or at least pose. 😉

Stacey and Paul 11

Are you seeing the purple theme yet?

Stacey and Paul 12

Paul was a great laugh, as were the happy couples guests.

Stacey and Paul 13

I think the best man got the worst of the speeches on this occasion. Lots of laughter, lots of fun.

Stacey and Paul 16

I think it’s fair to say, she was just warning him that now they are married, he’d better do as she says.

Stacey and Paul 14

And if  proof was still needed that purple was the colour of the day, here it is!

Stacey and Paul 15