Paige & Andrew – St Mary’s Church, Combs

Paige and Andrew 1

Andrew and Paige got married at St Mary’s Church in Combs. It was a beautiful day with no rain in the sky. There were cute kids running around, and the Bride and Groom looking fantastic.

Paige and Andrew 12

Paige waiting to enter the church.

Paige and Andrew 13

Paige’s father is an amazing character, very charismatic and so proud to be giving away his daughter to Andrew.

Paige and Andrew 15

The way Paige and Andrew constantly glanced at each other just showed how much they love one another.

Paige and Andrew 14

The first kiss!

Paige and Andrew 16

Andrew’s face just beamed with pride as he walked out hand in hand with Paige.

Paige and Andrew 2

We spent a few minutes shooting some lovely images in a nearby cornfield.

Paige and Andrew 4

I rarely ask couples to look directly into the camera when posing. That’s not what it’s all about, it’s about capturing the connection between the couple.

Paige and Andrew 3

I rarely share group shots, but this lot were so full of character.

Paige and Andrew 5

Some couples want funny shots. Some want serious. I like to mix the two for couples who ask for it.

Paige and Andrew 6

Although jumping in the brides dress wasn’t practical.

Paige and Andrew 7

After the group shots I like to steal the couple away for a few together shots.

Paige and Andrew 8

It was a shared love of sciences that brought these two together, so it’s no surprise that a quirky library would appeal to them.

Paige and Andrew 9

Plenty to look at here. The speeches were fun. The bride’s best friend also wanted to say a few words about how much she loved the couple.

Paige and Andrew 10

Cake cut!

Paige and Andrew 11

First dance, before everyone returned outside to enjoy the late summer sun and to taste the ales on offer. Thanks for a fun day guys!