Holly & John-Paul – Easton Grange

Holly and JP 1

Holly and JP 2

Lets start this post by saying that emotions ran high in this wedding. Tears (good ones) and laughter a-plenty. From the get go I was faced with a beautiful bride, with a stunning dress, killer (signed!) shoes and a Father-of-the-Bride who was larger than life.

Holly and JP 3

John-Paul waited patiently and when the moment came for him to turn around his face lit up. Who can blame him?

Holly and JP 4

Holly had to fight back the tears of joy as they spoke their vows to each other.

Holly and JP 5

Such a stunning couple. I love the way he held her hand here.

Holly and JP 6

And then they were husband and wife!

Holly and JP 7

They left to heavy applause.

Holly and JP 8

Everyone who was at the ceremony is in this shot.

Holly and JP 9

While this is just the friends. I asked those who have had one drink too many with the B&G to raise their hands…

Holly and JP 10

The boys. The girls. The boys and girls.

Holly and JP 11

Plenty of admiration for the ring.

Holly and JP 12

To break from the crowds and give the B&G a few minutes to regroup their thoughts, we went for a quick stroll before the wedding breakfast.

Holly and JP 13

I asked them to take a moment, look at each other and share a kiss.

Holly and JP 14

Such joy!

Holly and JP 15

A standing ovation as the happy couple entered. On the right is the father of the bride. I think this man holds a record, his speech lasted 90 minutes!  The sun set on us while we sat there and the first dance ended up about an hour later than planned. Not to worry though, I always stay until the first dance is done, regardless of unexpected delays.

Holly and JP 16

A beautiful moment together under the setting sun.

Holly and JP 17

Our bride was keen to get going with the dancing. We were in for a treat with a live rock band. I didn’t really want to leave that evening; I love a bit of live music and the band were great.

Holly and JP 18

Almost time for the first dance, just one last formality – the cake cutting.

Holly and JP 19

The first dance. A few moves thrown in. Classy, elegant and fun to the end.

Holly and JP 20

Air guitar! x