Amy and Rik – Stoke by Nayland

Amy and Rik 1

Amy and Rick got married at Stoke by Nayland hotel, and since both got ready there (different rooms of course), I was able to shoot some groom prep shots as well as spend time with the bride as she got ready.

Amy and Rik 2

Amy was attended to by her younger sister and her mum, plus the aid of make up and hair stylists.

Amy and Rik 3

So many loops and curls!

Amy and Rik 4

Having access to the rings in the early in the day was nice.

Amy and Rik 5

The lads!

Amy and Rik 6

The ladies!

Amy and Rik 7

Amy’s dad, a born comedian I assure you. 🙂

Amy and Rik 8


Amy and Rik 9

Amy’s dad with Amy and the B&G’s son. I gave Amy and Rik so many shots of this cheeky chap. The son, not the dad!

Amy and Rik 10

Waiting nervously.

Amy and Rik 11

They were so relieved to finally be able to see each other.

Amy and Rik 12

The ceremony flew by, but was really sweet, and their little one added some comedy into it as he ran off and got tangled in the blinds!

Amy and Rik 13


Amy and Rik 14

Not every couple beams so loving at each other, but I’ve been blessed with the majority of my couples being that into each other.

Amy and Rik 15

I wouldn’t normally include a half table image from the signing stage of the day, but the middle shot here is a crop to show Amy and her Dad because the bond between the two of them just stood out beautifully in that image. The left image is the witnesses (both the nans) and on the right is the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Amy and Rik 16

We took a buggy ride over to the lake at Stoke by Nayland. Amy had recently discovered she was pregnant and I wanted to capture that in an image to go into her album. This hand shot fit the bill perfectly as it centers over her tummy.

Amy and Rik 17

Cute couple.

Amy and Rik 18

Taking a little stroll together as husband and wife.

Amy and Rik 19

I caught Rik helping Amy with her shoe, so I called out to pose with the shoe showing, Amy threw in a little ham acting and this fun shot was produced. 🙂

Amy and Rik 21

Details can make a wedding and this couples Butterfly motif flowed throughout the room.

Amy and Rik 20

Cake cut! Note the little boy sitting on the cake. 🙂

Amy and Rik 22

The last shot of the collection above is one of my favourites. I love the way couples can express their feelings in the way they hold hands.

Amy and Rik 23

First dance and Amy’s sister joined them afterwards for a cuddle. She had very bravely sung for the couple.

Amy and Rik 24